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xam.co.in online assesment maker

xam online exam maker Find how XAM app can change the way we learn and present in exams.

What's inside the Rocket

xam online exam maker / online test maker

Take exams anywhere

It's always easy with XAM, which allows you to take an exam in the comfort of your home or office or park. With simple steps, experience the etiquette features were you can access XAM anywhere & anytime. "Let's go for xam."

online exam maker / online test maker

15 mins exam setup

Getting started with XAM is as easy as 1-2-3 Go. Our interface gives you an easy and pleasurable experience. Optimized, well carved and data driven to save yourself a great deal of time creating exams, quizzes and tests.

online exam maker / online test maker

Your students win more

With high analytics data and insights your students get a complete review of what they have taken. Quick reviews, visual detailing will boost them getting a big picture all around.

1. Who is this for?

Schools, Colleges, Coaching Institutes, Office, Hiring, Training any one who wants to assign exam.

2. What does it do?

Using XAM platform its easy and quick to create exams or tests or quiz and distribute to all.

3. Why should you give your money for it?

Not just forms, create real exams, analyze performance, widgets, reporting, monetize & more.

What's More

Secure + private


Our relationship with you is among our most important assets and we want you to feel comfortable and confident. XAM stores all your data in a secure cloud to ensure your are in private and safe hands

Work on any device


XAM gives you a platform where you can leverage technology to enhance preparations on any device. Our tool will allow you to let you take exams on a computer or a mobile or a tablet.

Amazing Analytics


A clear & complete analytic insight which help you make great desissions with great impacts. Students views, feedback analytics, exam result graphs etc will assist you get there in quick way.

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